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Disc Resurfacing Service (1 disc per quantity)

Disc Resurfacing Service (1 disc per quantity)

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1) $3 per disc. If you are resurfacing multiple discs, please use the quantity feature. For example, if there are 3 discs, please purchase 3.


2) Even though success rate is high, this service does not provide a guarantee that a non-functioning disc will work. By purchasing, you acknowledge this.


3) We cannot repair: holes in disc, deep gouges/dents/pits, excessive deep scratches you can feel with a finger nail, cracked discs, disc rot, top scratches 


4) We do not resurface blu ray disc based games (Wii u, Ps3, ps4, ps5, xb1). We do resurface ps1 ps2 Sega Dreamcast Sega cd Sega Saturn Wii GameCube. Message for questions 

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